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The members and friends of Ashby First Parish Church welcome you to our home in cyberspace.

Our home in the real world is on the Common in Ashby, a rural community in North Central Massachusetts (on the New Hampshire border).

About Us describes First Parish Church in photos and words.

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Sunday, November 2, 2:00 AM

Worship Service: "Movies and Living Our Real Lives" by Rev. Douglas Wilson, UU Rowe Camp and Conference Center

Sunday, November 2, 10:00 AM

Our speaker today has a lifelong love of movies and a lifelong love of life itself. For a long time he has been contemplating the nature of movies and of life. He's developed some interesting, and hopefully original, ideas about how movies do, and do not, interact with life itself. We hope you will join us.

musician: Stephan Arsenault

hospitality: Martha Morgan

Worship Service: "Nature as Teacher: Continuing Education" by Rev. Bruce Taylor

Sunday, November 9, 10:00 AM

Emerson said, "The noblest ministry of nature is to stand as the apparition of God". In my adult life, I have approached Nature as my spiritual teacher, often guided by Emerson's (idealistic) principles. But there are many ways to approach Nature as teacher. As we mature (and as we age) the lessons change. The good news is that Nature will meet us where we are on life's journey, as long as we are willing to pay attention and learn.

musician: Stephan Arsenault

hospitality: Catherine Dart

Welcoming Congregation Workshops #7 & #8

Sunday, November 9, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This session of our Welcoming Congregation series, covering "The Radical Right" (workshop #7) and "Religion and Homosexuality" (#8), will be co-led by Rev. Dr. Liz Strong and Ward Clark.

The workshop starts promptly at 12:00 and ends at 2:00. We encourage you to bring a brown bag lunch, and invite you to bring a dessert item to share (cookies, fruit, etc.) to share. Coffee and tea will be provided.

See the Calendar for information about all Sunday services and other activities at First Parish Church.

Minister: Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Unitarian Universalist Association

photo: Copyright ©2012 Inanna Arthen

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